FRIDAY OVERVIEW (Optional Talent ShowCase)

The Talent Showcase is optional, and is not judged. We strongly encourage all to participate as it is a great opportunity to build confidence and shine individually while displaying their talent for friends and family. It is open to all age groups, including Rising and Shooting Stars.

For the show start time, please refer to the the detailed schedules available in the info-portal. Please have the participant in the gym for lineup 30 minutes before the start time. The gym is our staging room. Participants will hang out together and be lined up in order. We will escort them to the Auditorium, and all participants will watch the show together. We will have a few volunteers in this area, but will not have a buddy for each participant. If your participant requires any special assistance we will have space for one family member to sit with her.

Each participant is limited to 90 seconds for their talent showcase.



Participants will register Friday before the talent show. Registration will open at the time listed on the detailed schedules available in the info-portal. We kindly ask that you do not arrive prior to registration opening. You will be able to pick-up your t-shirt at this time. Please wear your t-shirt to Saturday’s event. You will receive instructions at registration for where to go that evening. Note that you will receive your gift bag Saturday morning. You will need to check-in Saturday morning as well.

A packing checklist is available here.


Talent requiring music

If your talent requires music to be played through the venue's audio system, the music must be uploaded through the info-portal by the deadline listed on that page.

Important! Please note that the talent is limited to 90 seconds, so the music must be no longer than 90 seconds. Please edit the audio to cut the song to 90 seconds. There are many free software online to do this. If you are not able to do that, please upload the full song and we will cut it around 90 seconds after the start, looking for a natural stopping point in the music.



Video presentations will only be possible for talents which are purely visual in nature, such as photography or art work. It will not be possible to complement other talents. If your talent is purely visual, and you would like to show a video, please contact us to arrange that.



Participants have the option to rehearse their talent before the show. Once done rehearsing, you are welcome to leave. However, all participants need to return before 30 minutes before the show. Please see the schedule for more details. It is recommended to bring a sandwich, which you may eat in the main floor lobby or in the gym (staging room). You will be able to change into your talent costume in the lobby restroom.

Each participant will have enough time to rehearse their talent one time only, so please be prepared!

The talent will be in the auditorium on the stage shown in the picture below.

Auditorium for Talent Showcase (Friday) and Final Show (Saturday)