Before Miss Amazing

If the items marked with a deadline below are not completed by February 15, you may not be able to participate.

  • Apply to be a participant, if you have not already

  • Complete these by February 15 from the info portal

    • Overview Form

    • Medical Form

    • Media Release

    • Upload talent music (if applicable)

  • Order photo package (if desired)

    • Recommended: order and pay in advance through the info portal

    • Orders can also be placed at the event

  • Things to let the director know by February 15

    • Any special needs other than what is listed on the overview form

    • If a parent or guardian needs to help the participant with daily needs (using the restroom, eating, etc.). If you will be assisting and do not want an assigned buddy, please let the director know.

    • If you would like more than the one parent/guardian (the one listed when you applied online) to be mentioned in the event program, please provide the name of the other parent/guardian.

  • Order tickets from the event page

Friday Packing List

  • Outfit for talent

  • Dinner/Snack

  • 5 cans of food (one time donation, 5 cans count for both days)

  • A SMILE :) Its going to be a great day!

Saturday Packing list

  • Evening Wear

  • In a small bag (grocery sack) labeled with participant’s name

    • Evening wear shoes

    • Accessories

    • Makeup and brushes

    • Snacks (for those with specific dietary needs)

  • 5 cans of food (if you didn’t already turn in on Friday)

  • A SMILE :) Its going to be a great day!